Mostostal Pomorze


Mostostal Pomorze SA

Mostostal Pomorze SA is a recognized and rapidly developing producer of large-size steel and aluminum constructions for both domestic and foreign markets. 

The company carries out highly advanced and specialized projects mainly for the offshore industry, including the oil and gas industry, drilling platforms, subsea structures and offshore wind energy. In addition, the company manufactures structures and installations for petrochemical-refining, construction, infrastructure and shipbuilding industries. 

What makes us stand out?

We guarantee high quality and safe execution of works with care for the environment and the health of our employees and subcontractors.


Our priority is to improve working conditions and eliminate health and safety risks.


We identify precisely customer expectations and meet the highest quality requirements.


We are able to face any project because we see opportunities, not limitations.

Let's build something together...

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HQ address:
ul. Marynarki Polskiej 57,
80-557 Gdańsk (see on the map)
We look forward to hearing from you.

    Division 1
    5 Gwizdków Quay, Port of Gdansk
    (gate no.5 - Entrance from Oliwska Street)
    ul. Szkolna 1,
    80-562 Gdańsk (see on the map)
    Division no 2
    PKS2 Workshop,
    ul. Na Ostrowiu 15/20,
    80-873 Gdańsk (see on the map)