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Health and safety

People are the most important asset of a company. Therefore, protecting their health is our priority. 

The occupational health and safety management system compliant with the PN-EN ISO 45001:2018 standard requirements is the foundation for planning and taking systematic measures to improve health and safety conditions by ensuring cooperation and consultation with employees at all levels.

We care about the constant increase of employee awareness in the area of ​​health and safety, and therefore undertake a number of initiatives that we systematically implement in the form of training, instructions, procedures and brochures, as well as through internal information campaigns.

We are convinced that only such planned regular actions can prevent accidents at work, occupational diseases, near misses and destruction of the natural environment.

The campaigns we have carried out so far include:

  • hearing aid protection - as a result, 150 hearing protectors were purchased,
  • handling of technical gases, combined with distributor demonstration,
  • respiratory protection at work - as a result, additional dust masks for welders were issued,
  • efficient evacuation campaign.

Life Saving Rules

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all of our employees, contractors and visitors. As part of the Security Policy, we have defined Lifesaving Rules that must be followed by every person in all of our branches.

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