Mostostal Pomorze



Compliance documents

In order to ensure compliance with regulations and standards, Mostostal Pomorze S.A. has developed a Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption Policy, Anti-Mobbing Policy and other compliance policies.

 The Code of Ethical Conduct (download) defines Mostostal Pomorze’s ethical values as well as defines rules and responsibilities in areas related to occupational health and safety, business cooperation, environmental protection as well as disclosure and combating undesirable activities including illegal activities.

 The Internal Anti-Harassment Policy (download) describes the principles of preventing harassment in the workplace by stopping any actions or behaviour directed against its own and subcontractor’s employees. Mostostal Pomorze spreads a culture of performing work with respect and courtesy towards co-workers.

 The Anti-Corruption Policy (download) establishes standards for preventing and identifying instances of corruption in the organization’s operations, promoting lawful behaviour.

 The Gifts Policy (download) is a transparent statement by the Company not to accept gifts, presents or payments as an expression of gratitude in connection with work, which are prohibited by law and contrary to customary business practices.